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MP3/Video Evidence
"Dr." Robert A. Morey Exposed! [MP3/Video]
Youtube Video: Evidence Of "Dr." Robert A. Morey's Fraudulent Claims [Over 50 Virals]
Google Video: Evidence Of "Dr." Robert A. Morey's Fraudulent Claims [Full 1hr. Video]
Google Video: Does God Love Everyone? Faith Defenders Morey Condemns Self [Full 1hr. Video]
* Yahoo Video: Truth Seeker Bob Video Page
Robert A. Morey's daughter (Ruthanne) Votes for Barack Hussein Obama the first Black Muslim U.S. President according to Morey! [MP3]

* The Viral Videos on Yahoo Video were taken down recently by Morey's flunkies w/ a bogus claim of "copyright infringement". The site has since been reinstated & is slowly being re-reloaded!

Hardcopy Evidence
"Dr." Robert Morey Exposed! [Downloadable PDF Files]
Clark Gallager/Bob Morey Email Correspondence
Morey/Glenn Hendrickson Emails
Recent Faith Defenders and FCC Document Scans
Morey asked to resign from Fellowship of Independent Reformed Evangelicals (F.I.R.E. )
An Update on Morey's reisgnation from F.I.R.E.
Criminal Fraud & Slander Routinely Practiced by "dr" Robert Morey of "Faith Defenders"

Articles/Open Letters
News Flash! Spy Photos Catch the Secret "Legion of Doom" Meeting
The Abuses of Dr. Robert Morey
The Abuses of Dr. Robert Morey Part 2
The Abuses of Dr. Robert Morey Part 3: My Open Letter of Resignation from FCC
The Abuses of Dr. Robert Morey Part 4: Email Conversations I had with a Member of FCC
The Abuses of Dr. Robert Morey Part 5: Personal Reflections on the Current Controversy
Morey Threatens to Sue Me!
True Faith Defenders
Glenn Hendrickson parts ways w/ FCC
A Timeline of Faith Community Church of the OC Eldership Issues 05/18/2008 - 08/19/2008
A Response To Dr. Robert Morey's Letter To F.I.R.E.
Robert Morey Thrown Out Of His Denomination
What Others Are Saying About Robert A Morey

Main Stream Media [Local/National]
OC Weekly: Robert Morey Retires--Praise the Lord!
OC Weekly: Another Former Robert Morey Parishioner Leaves
OC Weekly: When is A Schism not a Schism?
OC Weekly: Schism Occurring At FCC?
OC Weekly: Arrogance, Thy Name is Robert Morey
OC Weekly: A'Deletin'
OC Weekly: Robert Morey Has Indoctrinated Flock for Weeks on His Superiority
OC Weekly: Robert Morey Still Up to his Resume-Stretching
OC Weekly: Dr. Jihad
OC Weekly: Battle of the Christian Titans

Who are the people behind 'Christian Scholar's Press'?
Faith Theological Seminary Gujranwala Disowns DD Degree Awarded To Robert Morey
Canceled Degree Awarded (Photo)
Robert Morey Of Faith Defenders & Jacob Prasch
Facts About Robert A. Morey
Book Review: A Christian Handbook for Defending the Faith
Book Review: The Origins and Teachings of Freemasonry
Catholic Answers on Morey (bottom page)
Wikipedia [Robert Morey]
Wikipedia [CBUS]
Wikipedia [CBUS] Robert Morey Expose'

Puritan Board Morey debate